Disgusting Scene Woman Weeing Inside The Lift

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The female is seen squatting down on the floor for several seconds before standing up and walking away. The scene of woman weeing is going viral recently.

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This is the astonishing moment a woman was caught on camera apparently weeing in a lift as a man standing beside her watches. The couple, who appear to know each other, both walk into the lift with shopping bags in their hands.

But as soon as the lift door closes, the woman is seen pulling down her trousers and squatting down on the floor, right beside her male friend. Seconds later, she stands up again and they both head out of the lift.  A puddle is clearly visible on the floor where she was seen squatting.

It is believed the CCTV footage was captured in a shopping centre in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district. The bizarre video has now gone viral on Chinese social media sites. The woman and her companion have not been identified.

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Last week, another woman in China was caught on camera pooing in the street outside a train station in front of passing pedestrians. In the clip, the woman relieves herself then uses a tissue to wipe, before throwing that down onto the street too. [Source: Mirror]

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