What is the The Sealand Skull?

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Many people said it was a skull from a terrestrial life; an alien. The Sealand Skull was discovered in July 2007 in Olstykke on the Danish island Sealand. In 2008, researchers claimed that the skull was from a mammal. The skull rumor rose up again on 2010 and became an urban legend.

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The skull was found when some workers replacing sewer pipes in a house. Firstly was thought as a horse bone. When they realized that the skull similar like human skull, they continue to excavated. They found only animal bones, stone axes, and equipment from the Neolithic period, none of which related to the skull bones were found in the area.


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The skull was then taken to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Results radio carbon from these studies is that the skull came from the year 1200 and 1280 BC. The skull was found above the old pipes which indicate that the skull was buried after 1900, and it is also an indication why the other part of the bone was not found, probably buried elsewhere. It was in 2010 that the skull was first examined at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Denmark. The researchers concluded that they were not able to neither solve the mystery nor provide anything that would explain to what species it belonged to. In 2013, many people speculated that skull is related to starchild skull.

credited to Hystoricmysteries

credited to Hystoricmysteries

People of Olstykke explained that the skull had related to an association formerly called l’Ordre Lux Pegasos (The Order of Pegasus Light) that established around 1350. The club is known as the guardian of objects – objects believed to be mysterious-powerful and they secure it.


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The Sealand Skull is 1.5 times larger than human skull, especially at the eyes part. Smooth surface of the skull indicated that these creatures have adapted to cold environments, and large eyes might indicate that these creatures are creatures of the night, lived underground or might be on a planet orbiting a remote or dim star. High probability came from The Star 51 Pegasi in the Pegasus constellation. Really??

The skull till now remains as a mystery.



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