What Is The Black Knight Satellite?

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What is The Black Knight Satellite? Does it come from other place? How could the 15 tones satellite orbit our Earth for almost thousand years, or maybe more than that?

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The black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite is a mysterious dark color object that orbiting Earth, near Polar orbit. According to UFO scientists, it was a terrestrial satellite approximately 13,000 years old. The purpose and the origin were unknown.

Both America and Russia had shown same interest about this object and none of them have claimed the satellite. Neither the Americans nor the Soviets had the ability to place an object into any kind of an orbit at that time. Based on monitoring agencies around the world, the satellite has been transmitting radio signal for almost 50 years or maybe more.


Nikola Tesla

The signal was intercepted first time by Nikola Tesla in 1899. He reported that the regular signals should come from an intelligence source not from Earth, probably from Mars. The same signals and noises also were captured by an amateur radio Jorgen Halls in Oslo, Norwegian in 1928. According to Daily Express, the noises from 1899 and 1928 are still remain a mystery, but possible causes do not so far include an alien satellite, according to scientists. Since then, starts from 1930, Astronomers worldwide have been reporting receiving strange signals came from the Black Knight Satellite. Another analysis and speculation came from a Scottish author, Duncan Lunan in 1973. According to him the satellite was originated from one of a planet in the solar system of star Epsilon Bootis.


Epsilon Bootis

The Epsilon Boötis is a double star in the northern constellation of Boötes. It has the traditional names Izar and Pulcherrima.

In 1998, NASA had shown The Black Knight Satellite photos and tried to explain that the satellite actually is a thermal blanket lost during EVA mission. Many of the UFO researchers refused to believe the fabled ‘Black Knight satellite’ could be just a thermal blanket, insisting, it is a craft of solid construction. One ‘Black Knight’ believer said – “Classic debunking (rubbish). The things these nutters will come up with just so someone will listen to them.”

The Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite

Despite being believer or not, we should ask logically why those American and Russian didn’t try to get the satellite and make sure that the Black Knight Satellite is just really a thermal blanket? Another question, Have an Alien sent this satellite to study about us and attempt to to communicate with our ancestors? Share your thoughts!

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