If You Urinate Just Before Sex, Stop It Now!

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Sex and urination are different from each other. Surprisingly, you have to manage both the activities from the same body part. According to the world’s leading urologist, you should avoid urinate just before sex and always piss after sex. Read here, why so?

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#1 – Say a big no to urinating before Sex.

If you urinate before sex you can fall victim to bacterial infection. urine1


#2 – What happens if you break the rule:

Bacteria enters from the vagina to the urethra. When you urinate, the bacteria comes out. Whereas, if you don’t urinate right after sex then the bacteria may enter the bladder and cause infection.urine2


#3 – Proven by the urologist.

Urologist, David Kaufman advice not to piss before $ex. This is the biggest mistake women have explained so far.


#4 – Tip for preventing bacterial infection.

To prevent infection wipe your private part from front to back. Also, wash genitals for 100% hygiene.urine3


#5 – Urinating after sex is a big yes!

Never urinate before sex, as it has negative health impact. urine4


#6 – Urinate if you feel pressure.

Urinate after sex, if you feel pressure and drink water to avoid dehydration.urine5


#7 – Pre-sex ritual.

Using the diaphragm as contraceptive increases the risk of infection, as it pushes the bladder doesn’t allow complete urination.urine6


#8 – Take the pledge to follow the rule

Say no to peeing before sex and say yes to peeing after sex. Stay healthy and stay sexy!


#9 – Never hold too much pressure.

If you feel extra pressure to urinate during sexual intercourse. Go ahead and release yourself, and feel satisfied.


#10 – Roll out good times.

Pee a lot when you are too drunk. But, mark the rule of no pissing before sex.

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