Top 10 Mysterious Sea Creatures

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The sea is full of many mysteries, and most of the creatures that live in there are not yet known to the human world. From the giant jelly fish to the 100 foot alien like sea creature. This is a Top 10 unexplained and mysterious sea creatures that are caught on camera. Believe it or not!

Mysterious Sea Creatures

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List of the Top 10:

10. Placental Jelly Fish – Deepstaria Reticulum

9. Blind Snake – Atretochoana Eiselti

8. Mysterious Giant Squid

7. Iceland’s Nessie

6. The Nabau

5. Flying Spaghetti Monster

4. Alien Sea Creature With 100 Arms

3. Mystery of 50ft Giant Crab

2. Giant Mysterious Creature

1. Loch Ness Monster

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