Strange Object Caught In Poland-England, Military Or UFO?

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Strange things is happening on sky. Captured by someone from Poland and England, a glowing strange object is moving slowly.

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According to Secure Team 10, the object is moving slowly and then at one point stopped and energized before it disappeared. The team had zoom-in the object and found the strange blue light shimmersed around it. There are many speculation about the object. Some said, it was an experimental military vehicle by NATO in their preparation against Rusia. Some said it was a falling star, but looks in the footage, the object was going up. Some said it was really a UFO patrolling the area. Whatever it is, we knew something will happen in Poland. A sign from the sky. The other footage was captured in England, showing the glowing object was moving in pararel two by two. Might be military planes. Or other object. Team Secure 10 had speculated that it were UFOs. It could be the same object that captured in Poland. Who knows they are related each other.

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