A Spawning Eggs Kid

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The strange phenomena is happening in Indonesia. A 12-years old spawning eggs kid was found on 2015.

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This was happened to Akmal, who lived in Gowa – South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Start from stomach pain, excrete feeling, and then hooolaa…..spawning white egg, and not faeces.

Akmal, The Egg Spawn Kid

Akmal, The Egg Spawn Kid

Latest news claimed he spawned nine eggs! Nobody knows the authenticity of the claim. Most of people thought it was a supernatural things happening to him and he might have power to give command to chicken. What thought is that? There is one logical explanation about the bizarre phenomena. A doctor from Gowa, Adriana Galla explained that the eggs spawned as caused by a calcification from calcium salt accumulation in Akmal’s body. The egg is not a normal egg, it was just a thick shell, and it was not came from his anus. Found in X-Ray, the eggs was kept at his pelvis.

X-ray result

X-ray result

This phenomena was have similar case, a 2015 news from dailymail had told story about a 62-year-old man that was found to have a giant ‘boiled egg’. It was recorded by Joung Teak Jang, Haeng Ji Kang, Ji Young Yoon and Seo Gue Yoon from Department of Surgery, Seoul Song Do Hospital, Seoul, Korea in their doctoral journal “Giant Peritoneal Loose Body in the Pelvic Cavity“. Another case you can read from doctor journal in Nepal and Journal of Medical Case Reports. The bizarre case of Akmal is the first world phenomena about an egg shell that scientist should focus to solve.

X-Ray scan result

Egg shell came from Akmal


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