Shocking Footage Alien Tomb Excavation!

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Unnamed source had share the shocking footage alien tomb excavation in one of the Egypt Pyramid. Currently, the documents about the excavation had been re-captured by the Russia, and kept in the secret place.

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In 1961, a group of KGB had found and excavating a tomb that contain a 13,000 years old alien body. It was reportedly excavated by a team led by Sami Sharaf, a close aid of president Gamel Abdel Nasser of Egypt. The excavation was a high secret operation called Operation ISIS. Russian scientist Viktor Ivanovich claimed he has seen highly classified documents that prove Operation ISIS is not a complete myth.

He said: “There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists with military experts have discovered a tomb in Egypt in 1961. But in the documents, it has never been revealed exactly what was found inside the sarcophagus.”

The footage had proved that ancient Egypt was visited once or few times by aliens, and accumulated to many conspiracies theories. Most notable proves  are The Ancient Tulli Papyrus and The Dagger Of King Tutankhamun that shown how Egypt have closed relation to the aliens and determined how they can get the technology to build pyramid.

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