Nostradamus Predicted Nuclear War… Here Are 9 Other Predictions That Could Easily Come True

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Did you know that Nostradamus predicted Nuclear War? He predicted the actual events that happened in the past few decades ago. Here are some of his predictions that haven’t happened, but totally could.

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1. Europe Shall Fall


”The Kingdom of Fear shall come to those in Europe, the fire and sword will destroy their cities. The great marine force of Asia with a cast army will fight to the death. Terror, cry, and horror. The Dark heart will take over Genova. Blood will flow everywhere, hunger everywhere, mercy to no one. Arabian prince will take the lands of the church by the sea, all up to Persia”

2. Turkey and Egypt Shall Attack South


”Turkey and Egipt shall attack south, camels will drink waters from the Danube without any regret. The roads shall tremble, and those around the Alps shall disappear forever. The king shall come in France from the Black sea I great Tartary. He will go to Armenia and leave the bloody staff in Constantinople. There will be a great draft.”

3. The Fishes in the Seas and Lakes Will Boil


”The fishes in the sea and lakes will boil because of the fire from the sky. Adriatic sea will be full of bones. The Earth will tremble, Egypt will tremble, and Muhamed will become stronger. Herod will call for surrender.”

4. NY – The New City


Nostradamus is obviously telling about the wave of destruction that will fall on Europe, Egypt and Constantinople (Istanbul). However, in later predictions, he mentions the USA. He probably named New York as ”The New City”.

5. The Garden of the World


”The garden of the World next to The New City, near the artificial mountains will be drowned and poisoned with sulphur.”
The artificial mountains can be modern buildings. All that can make you think if anybody will survive these predictions?

6. Two Great Forces Will Unite and the Great War Will End


But, at the end, Nostradamus mentions that two great forces will unite and the great war will end. ”West will take victory. When those from Arctic unite, there will be fear and tremble on the East. The New chosen one will take the strongest strike. The roads of Constantinople will be painted with arctic blood.”

Those from Arctic can only be Americans and Russians. It is possible that this two great forces will unite against the East? ”One day, two great lords shall become friends and their power will be even greater.” So is it possible that USA and Russia will become allies?

7. Red and White


”North and West will subjugate the East ruler, and his descendants will end in prison. There will be no more of the barbarian league, and the Pagan shall fall. The New King of Europe shall come. There shall be a great army of the Red and the White, and they will go together against the King of Babilon.” Red and White? Could those be the Russians and the Americans?

8. The Earth Shall Be Devastated


”The third antichrist shall come, and disappear again. His war will take 27 years. The Heretics shall be dead, and the prisoners shall end in exile. Water shall be red from human blood, and the Earth shall be devastated.”

9. There Will Be a Universal Peace


“After the long war, Saturn will forestall and there shall be a golden era. God will imprison the Devil and the people will be hapless no more. There will be a Universal peace.”

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