Amateur Astronomer Captured Strange Movement Of Moon Alien?

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A strange video has been uploaded by UFO Investigators Secure Team 10, showing a moon alien obvious movement in the crater of the moon. It have 600,000+ views on youtube for the past few days.


moon alien


The footage was captured thru an amateur telescope. According to Secure Team 10, this footage is not old but latest and it was sent to him few days ago before the video was uploaded on his channel.

The amateur astronomer tried hard to keep his telescope focused on asteroid crater. It appears UFO is at-least 500 meters long if you will compare it to the scale asteroid crater.


Tyler, from Secure Team, said: “The amazing footage that you just saw showing some obvious movement and activity happening in a crater, caught by an amateur astronomer, could very well go down in the history books that there is current activity [on the moon].”


Tyler also discusses whether the strange object could actually be a human base on the moon, although believes it is more likely to be evidence of alien life.

There are many speculation about this. Would it be a human that become moon alien stay there building up a colony? Or an moon alien that built their bases waiting to attack and conquer our world? Or could be a ghost in a moon? Or are they watching our current story about war and politics – Seeing Obama and Putin?

We hope that even it will be a proof of alien life, they will come as a peaceful neighbor and bringing harmony – hopefully can share their technologies to us 🙂


Is it related to the other phenomena – Origami UFO?



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