10-Marvel Characters Who Have Weird Penises

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Did you ever think about this before? Yupz, let’s read the article about Marvel characters who have weird penises.

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1. The Big Guy, the HULK!

The superhero started with big question about the HULK. “Why don’t Bruce Banner pant tear-off like the rest of his clothes?”. Hmm, So you might not see his penis. Oh wait!, What does it looks like? We all agreed that the HULK’s dong is green. With the level of his adrenaline, shouldn’t he be erect upon transformation? Ang Lee who directed the HULK in 2013 said he wanted to make him naked, but because of PG-13, the pants stay. Nick Nolte gave his best comment, “I’ve seen nude picture of him (the HULK), it’s not pretty. It could be used as a weapon, believe me”.Photo credited to 9gag.com

2. Shrinking, Antman

You guess how everything will shrink, including his penis.Photo credited to 9gag.com

3. Juggernaut

Juggernaut stands 9’5″ and 1900 pounds. Either his penis is as big as his body or as big as human size. He might always be piss off all the time as his penis is smaller than his body.Juggernaut

4. Mr. Fantastic

Ever think about the cosmic radiation that probably affected to his penis? As he is able to stretch all his body to any size he wants, probably he could easily have sex in the bedroom and work in the lab at the same time. Fantastic!fantastic2

5. Silver Surfer

He has no dick.silver surfer

6. Modok

Do not google Modok without armor. Wonder how can take a pee with his small hands?modok

7. Thanos

His penis is purple right?thanos

8. Galactus

He is a destroyer of the planets with giant body. Guess how big is his shit and penis?galactus

9. Wolverine

Wolverine can regenerate any part of his body. So does his penis.wolverine

10. Spiderman

The story was never been told about his penis transformation. The only thin we knew is his entire body can stick to the wall. What do you think about his penis?spiderman

Credited to 9Gag.com


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