Kisolite – A Powerful Natural Antibiotics

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Recently researchers from the University of British Columbia have discovered rare grayish-green clay, called Kisolite, which has antibacterial potency. The clay found in Kisameet Bay, British Columbia.

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The clay tested by UBC microbiologist Julian Davies and Shekooh Behroozian can kill 16 strains of “ESKAPE” bacteria. ESKAPE bacteria called for bacteria that escape the effect of antibiotics and are therefore potentially deadly. Researchers hope to study the newly identified type of clay and turn it into an effective weapon against multi-drug-resistant pathogens. 

The Heiltsuk Nation

The Heiltsuk Nation

The natural clay is used thousand years ago by The Heiltsuk Nation. They are located mainly in the communities of Bella Bella and Klemtu. Their ancestors inhabited the Central Coast of British Columbia since at least the year 7190 B.C.

They have used the clay for curing ulcerative colitis, arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, skin irritations and burns. The clay is extremely strong antibacterial activity against multidrug-resistant pathogens.

Behroozian suggested the unique mixture of minerals is the reason of the clay’s antibiotics effect. Geo-scientists believed the clay was formed about 10,000 years ago.

“There is anecdotal evidence that the clay has been used quite a lot by the native population, and also during the Second World War in Vancouver. A number of patients were treated with this clay and there did not seem to be any adverse effect.” Julien Davies told Metronews.

The clay will need to undergo clinical studies before use to treat patients’ health. The study by co-author Julien Davies was published in the American Society for Microbiology’s mBio journal.

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