Human Shadow Captured On Curiosity Rover

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Conspiracy theorists claim to have identified the human shadow working on the Curiosity rover.

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From traffic lights to human bones, anomaly hunters claim to have seen just about everything you can imagine resting on the surface of the Red Planet no matter how impossible or bizarre.

This latest find to hit the web however is a little bit different. While still undoubtedly an exercise in pareidolia, the claim centers around a photograph taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover which allegedly shows the shadow of an actual person working on repairing the rover while standing right next to it.

Conspiracy theorists have jumped on the image as evidence that either humans are already capable of traveling to Mars or that the mission is a hoax and that the rover never even went there.

In reality however the shadow, which at least does partially resemble a human figure, is almost certainly being cast by nothing more than the rover’s own chassis.

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