Hilarious Story – Alligators And A Pond

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Hilarious Story – Long ago there was an old man named Ron who bought a big farm and fulfilling his dream. In the middle of the farm had a big pond and he really loved it. He placed a picnic table, a dock, some orange and apple tree near the pond.

(source: pixabay)

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One day, he wanted to see his lovely pond, relax, and picking up some fruits on the way. He brought five gallon bucket and go to the pond.

As he walked near, he heard laughs and water splashing. Getting closer, he saw a group of young women swimming and dipping in his pond. He shouted at them and asked them to leave.

(source: pixabay)

The young women said they would leave when he was gone so he wouldn’t see them naked. Ron looked at them and gave a smile, “I didn’t come here just to see you naked.” He lifted his bucket and said, “I came here to feed my alligators!”

(source: pixabay)

The rest of story, i belived those young women jump out of the pond straight away!

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