Hidden Gold Ring Found In A Cup From Nazi

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Hidden gold ring found in a cup with double bottom after 70 years.


The cup was one of the kitchenware looted by Nazi during WW2 found by The Auschwitz Museum. ┬áIt have double sided on the bottom with a golden ring and a necklace wrapped in canvas. The ring claimed was produced in Poland in 1921 – 1931.

Source: briefreport

Many claimed by survivors that there are still some hidden items in their things that looter by Germany. All findings was well documented and secured by the Museum but not many have came to claim it.

There are around 12,000 kitchenware and tools in the Collection of Memorial such as cups, kettles, jugs etc.

The cup and the jewelry currently being kept in the Collections of the Museum as a remembrance of the fate of the Jews deported to the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp.

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