Glowing UFO Spotted Leaving Earth

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An natural scene like glowing UFO had been reportedly spotted leaving earth and leave a cloud of trail before it joining a second flying object and shoot upwards.


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The footage, allegedly an excerpt from NASA’s live ISS feed, was uploaded to YouTube on May 12, 2016, by YouTube UFO hunter Secureteam10. It has gone viral with more than 220,000 views.

According to the YouTube UFO hunter Tyler Glockner, known on YouTube as Secureteam10, the alleged ISS footage was sent to him by two unnamed individuals.

The baffling clip seems to show a glowing UFO flying away from the earth, leaving a cloud trail behind, it as a rocket would, before separating off.

Tyler is convinced that the sighting is proof of alien life and refutes claims that it’s all simply a trick of the light. He shows examples of sunlight reflection in the clip and points out that there would normally be a large area of reflection which is off the ocean. The glowing UFO however is among the clouds, which don’t reflect, he says, and when it’s above the ocean it cannot be seen.

Many people also skeptic with this phenomena and pointed that the glowing object might came from the rocket, light reflection, or natural weather that looks unnatural when seen from the space. So far, NASA have not make comments about this sighting.


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