Crazy Drunk Man Jumps Into Lion Enclosure

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Crazy Drunk Man Jumps Into Lion Enclosure

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Mukesh Kumar, 35, a migrant labourer, inexplicably leapt into a moat surrounding the enclosure while visiting Nehru Zoo Park in Hyderabad in southern India with friends on Sunday evening,.

Shocking footage showed Mr Kumar, who said he had drunk beer beforehand, singing ‘please come to me my darling’ as he stood just inches away from two big cats, before being rescued by zoo workers 15 minutes later.

The clip shows the drunk visitor jumping into the moat, located 12 feet beneath the viewing platform. His sudden leap and the loud noise of the splash creates havoc among the visitors.

He starts wading towards the big cats – Krishna and Radhika – who are waiting for him at the shore, as onlookers scream in horror. The lions can be seen inching ever closer to the man, as horrified bystanders yelp and even throw stones in the water in an attempt to scare the beasts off.  Eye-witnesses and police say he then began requesting the lions shake hands with him.

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However, before the lionesses could come even closer to him, shrieks of visitors raise the alarm and zoo keepers lower a long pole so he could climb out. The sweat-inducing video ends with him splashing over to the other side of the moat and climbing up the side of the bank where a group of men are waiting to help him. The whole incident lasted for 15 minutes and was captured by panicked visitors on mobile phones. Mr Kumar, who works at a an underground metro construction site, was whisked away to spend the night in police custody after he was charged under various sections of the Wildlife Protection Act.

Speaking after the incident, Mr Kumar said: ‘We had beer outside the zoo.

‘I don’t know where they bought it. Please forgive me.’

Harish Kaushik, the inspector looking into the case, said: ‘He told us he wanted to see the lions up close and shake hands with one of them. ‘He is lucky enough to have survived. The zoo keepers told us that it was the time of the cats for their feed and they responded to their voice when called out.

‘We have booked him but will again question him after he sobers up.’



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