China New Futuristic Bus Concept

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A viral about new futuristic bus concept was heat up in internet world.

Source: pcmag

China had introduced their new vision for their future bus tansportation. They called it The Transit Elevated Bus or TEB. It will ride above the highway with all other car can pass underneath. The bus estimated can carry about 1,200 people. Elevator will be provided from the ground street to the passenger room.

Source: citylab

The concept was introduced with a scale model during the China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. The concept with 3D was also introduced several years ago. The trial will be scheduled to begin at the end of 2016. China claimed the bus construction  taken only in one year.


(Source: Nextshark)

This new concept will become a trendsetter future bus concept which will solve traffic issues in all countries in efficient way. Would be expensive as China is the one who have this new concept blue print?  Anyway, in the first few years, China will get the profit from their concept.

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