Black Ring UFO Spotted On Disneyland!

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Shocking footage about the mysterious black ring UFO have going viral. The UFO was spotted above famous park Disneyland.

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According to dailystar, the footage appears to show a UFO hovering in the sky above the Magic Castle. Kyle Hawkins, who took the video, described his confusion at the mysterious floating object.

Everyone started to looking up and pointing at the black ring floating object. Some people thought about alien portal to open up and some others thought alien invasion.

“It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”, said Kyle. The video has since been picked up by extraterrestrial enthusiast blog UFO Sightings Daily.

Scott Waring, a blogger, explained that the ring UFO are super rare but they have been seen a lot. He also admitted that the UFO might be part of the show on Disneyland.

One viewer of the video confirmed Scott suspicion that the black ring object is from the world of color celebrate show in Disney California Adventure.

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