This Bizarre Legend About the Real Men in Black Will Give You Goosebumps

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They wear sunglasses. They wear black suits. But does their story have anything to do with the “Men in Black” movie? Get ready for a spine-chilling story – bizarre legend about the real men in black.

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1. Not These Guys


If you first thought of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, guess again. The story we’re talking about has much more to do with the paranormal, and it’s going to freak you out.

2. Men in Black


Sightings of these “Men in Black” by witnesses state that they have a dark aura around them. These things wear black suits and appear at night. They have no facial expressions and look evil.

3. Witnesses


These men in black actually track down people who have experienced UFO sightings or close encounters.

4. Secret Organization?


When they track down the people they’re looking for, they show them a white badge that says “security.” They identify themselves with numbers, not with names, and tell the people that they are questioning that they are part of a secret society.

5. It All Started in 1953


Albert K. Bender, the editor of the “Space Review” first wrote a story on the “Men in Black” in 1953.

6. But Something Happened


He wanted to reveal the truth about flying saucers but he was stopped. He claimed that 3 men dressed in black threatened him not to print it. He was scared to death because he didn’t know what they might do to him.

7. He Published His Experience


He waited a few years and then published the material. The books were entitled “Flying Saucers” and “3 Men in Black.”

8. Urban Legend or Truth?


There have been thousands of “Men in Black” sightings. But the truth has not yet been revealed.

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