Alien Spacecraft Was Mapping The Lunar Terrain

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According to UFO hunters, footage obtained from a recent live stream shows a mysterious flying saucer UFO passing over the Moon. The alien spacecraft was mapping the lunar terrain, according to alien chasers.

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The strange disc-like UFO was spotted flying low over the lunar surface during an August 10 live Moon stream. The remarkable sighting sparked excited discussion on multiple UFO forums, with many alien chasers saying that the footage was probably the best piece of evidence to date of space-faring extraterrestrials visiting Earth’s Moon.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube on August 11 by user Space Imaging Keith, shows a dark disc-shaped UFO that appears around the 30-second mark in the video. It flies, apparently low in the sky over the lunar surface, in a zigzagging pattern. UFO hunters suggested the flying saucer was investigating or mapping the lunar terrain.

“As luck would have it, this UFO was caught on live stream when they were checking out the moon.”

Enthusiasts debated the strange sighting on YouTube.

“Keith, what was that?” an enthusiast asked. “Do you seriously believe this to be a UFO and not a bug or bird?”

“It’s a UFO. Unidentified Flying Object,” Keith replied. “What it is, I have no idea, but it’s not normal for us.”

Many agreed with the YouTube user that the object was a UFO. Some suggested it might have been of extraterrestrial origin.

But skeptics dismissed claims that it was a UFO and offered several alternative explanations. Some suggested it was probably a man-made satellite in Earth orbit. Others questioned the assumption that it was an object flying in space, saying it could have been a weather balloon flying at a high altitude in the Earth’s atmosphere, but it appeared in the footage to be closer to the Moon.

moonufo2“But you would have to say it was terrestrial?” a viewer queried. “Like someone let a balloon go in front of your telescope… right? Can you assume the object was relatively close and not in space?”

One skeptic suggested it could have been a bug moving over the camera lens.

“The way it moves left/right slightly — I would say it’s a small beetle on the end of the lens,” the skeptic said. “Its blurred edges show it’s closer to the focal point than the target.”

But UFO hunters responded to skeptics who argued that the object might have been a satellite or a weather balloon.

Scott C. Waring argued on his UFO Sightings Daily blog that the mysterious object was not a balloon because the video shows it zigzagging as it flew over the lunar surface. According to the alien hunter, weather balloons do not zigzag during flight.

He also argued that satellites travel in a straight line, so the object could not have been a satellite.

“The UFO is not a satellite, which would travel in a straight line,” Waring wrote. “This UFO zigzags as it moves forward. It is not a balloon, because a balloon does not zigzag as it travels.”

According to the UFO hunter, the object’s flight pattern suggested an intelligently controlled alien spacecraft or an advanced Pentagon black project spacecraft undergoing testing over the lunar surface.

But a skeptic said that the zigzag pattern could have been caused by a weather balloon flying in windy conditions in the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Was it windy, Keith?” a viewer asked. “It looks like when a balloon goes by with a sway like path.”

“Relatively still last night I believe,” Keith replied.

Alien Spacecraft Was Mapping The Lunar TerrainWaring insisted that the object was an extraterrestrial craft. He argued that the sighting of an alien UFO spacecraft in the live stream was not surprising because it was only the latest in a string of similar sightings in recent years.

He claimed that a few years ago, UFO hunters spotted an alien UFO mothership flying over the lunar surface.

“The most memorable dark disk was a UFO that measured over five miles across and was caught by an amateur Italian astronomer while cleaning his optics on his telescope and had it on record at the time,” he added

Waring was referring to a report by Alberto Mayer, an amateur astronomer from Busto Arsizio in northern Italy, who claims to have sighted (see YouTube below) on April 29, 2007, a mysterious dark UFO flying across the lunar surface.

“Dark disks have been seen traveling over the moon many times before. This is not the first, nor will it be the last.”

Mayer reported that he sighted the UFO accidentally at about 10:52 p.m. while adjusting the focus of his telescope for a close-up view of the lunar surface. He was able to capture a two-minute video (see above) that shows an apparently disc-shaped black object flying over the lunar surface at a height of about 214 meters.

The object appeared to increase speed as it passed over the Moon’s Wallace crater. Then it passed over several other lunar craters, including Grace crater, Democritus crater, and De sitter crater.

As it flew over the craters, it slowed down abruptly, hovered for about 15 seconds, and then made a dramatic 45-degree turn before disappearing.

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