20-Most Mysterious Case Of People Disappearance

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Mystery always surrounded some stories of missing people who never been found till now. There are lots of questions and debate start from death, murder, kidnapped, ghost, aliens, etc. Here is some of the most mysterious case of people disappearance.

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1. Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold Mystery

Dorothy was a wealthy American heiress. She was disappeared on 12 December 1910 on the day that she went out to buy book and some chocolates. She was 24 years old at the time she disappears. No signs of kidnapping or murdering and her case never been resolved till now. The only thing that is certain is that Dorothy Arnold left her home in a happy state, went shopping and promptly disappeared. Her disappearances became unsolved mystery till today.dorothyarnold1 copy

2. Flannan Isles Mystery

The Flannan Isles (also known as the Seven Hunters) are named after a 7th century Irish priest called St Flannan. Apart from the 70 years when the lighthouse was manned, the windswept islands have always largely been uninhabited. The lighthouse was constructed in the 1890s on the island known as Eileen Mor (Big Isle). It took 4 years, and building work was continually hampered by the difficulties of safely landing supplies on the island, and the tempestuousness of the wild Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse first went into operation on 7 December 1899.  The island lighthouse was manned by a three-man team (Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthur), with a rotating fourth man spending time on shore.

The mystery begins on the night of 15 December 1900, when a squall broke out in the vicinity of the islands. The crew of a passing ship, the Fairwind, was angry and disturbed that no guiding light from the newly-built Flannan Isles lighthouse appeared to be in operation. Likewise the steamer Archtor (or Archer as I’ve also seen it recorded), when it docked at Oban, reported that the light was not operating. Nothing appears to have been done about it. The officials came to check the lighthouse and found no one. The three experience men were disappearing.

They found the entrance gate to the compound and main door both closed, the beds unmade, and the clock stopped. A further search revealed that the lamps were cleaned and refilled. A set of oilskins was found, suggesting that one of the keepers had left the lighthouse without them, which was surprising considering the severity of the weather on the date of the last entry in the lighthouse log. The only sign of anything amiss in the lighthouse was an overturned chair by the kitchen table.flannan

3. Bela Kiss Mystery

Béla Kiss (1877 – ?)  was a Hungarian serial killer. He is thought to have murdered at least 24 young women and attempted to pickle them in giant metal drums that he kept on his property. On 4 October 1916, the police tracked him down to a hospital in Serbia only to realize that he had escaped after leaving a dying man in his bed. They next tracked him down to the French Foreign Legion on 1920, but as they were closing in, he gave them the slip again. After reports of Kiss working as a janitor in New York surfaced in 1932, Kiss disappeared again, and never been heard since then.bella kiss copy

4. The Sodder Children Mystery

On Christmas Eve 1945, George Sodder, his wife Jennie, and nine of their ten children (the oldest boy was off in the Army) went to bed only to be awoken when a fire broke out around 1am. The parents and four of the nine children escaped; no remains were ever found of the other five children. The Sodders never rebuilt the house, instead converting the site into a memorial garden to their lost children.

Stories of the five children being sighted abounded throughout the United States, but except for a single photo that the Sodder mother received years later of a man she believes to be her adult son, no traces have been found.sodder

5. The Stonehenge Hippies Mystery

In the early morning of a day in August, 1971, a small group of young adults set up camp in the center of the Stonehenge structure. A freak weather storm that had blown in over Salisbury Plain struck at approximately 2:00 A.M. Lightning struck nearby trees and even the stone monoliths themselves, which were reported by several witnesses to have glowed a bright blue, which caused them to avert their eyes as they heard screaming. Later investigation into the reported screaming revealed no remains of the group, and only their smoldering camp equipment remained.stonehenge

6. DB Cooper Mystery

DB. Cooper is a media label popularly used to refer to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the airspace between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, on November 24, 1971, extorted $200,000 in ransom (equivalent to $1,170,000 in 2015), and parachuted to an uncertain fate. Despite an extensive manhunt and protracted FBI investigation, the perpetrator has never been located or identified.

In July 2016, the FBI ended active investigation of the Cooper case, citing the need to focus on “more pressing priorities”, but stressed that their case file remains officially open. The bureau continues to solicit credible physical evidence related to the parachutes and the ransom money.db cooper

7. MV Joyita Mystery

In October 1955, a merchant vessel named MV Joyita set sail from Samoa for a two-day voyage to Tokelau Islands, carrying 25 people and a cargo of timber and empty oil drums. Four days later, its destination port sent out a message that the ship had never arrived. No distress signals had been received — the Joyita had just vanished.

Everyone flipped out and a huge search mission was organized. Still, the vessel wasn’t found until over a month later, floating aimlessly a good 600 miles away from Samoa … with nobody on board. The Joyita was flooded and tilting to the point of being partially submerged.joyita

8. Louis Le Prince Mystery

Louis Le Prince was a 19th century inventor who specialized in cameras and was so far ahead of his time that he actually created the world’s first true moving picture. With such pioneering technology at his disposal and loads more up his sleeve, Le Prince was well on his way to becoming the most influential Frenchman since Napoleon.

In 1890, Le Prince was traveling to America to get new patents and show off his newest wonderful toys. In Dijon, France, he checked his baggage, boarded a train bound for Paris, retired to his cabin and … that was the last time anyone saw him.louis

9. Henry Hudson Mystery

Henry Hudson (a.k.a. the famed British navigator who has a river, bay, straight, town, bridge, etc. named after him) must have been a rather pushy fellow to work for. His own crew — homesick, starving, half-frozen and unwilling to keep exploring after becoming trapped in ice for several months — set a determined Hudson, his teenage son and seven infirm and/or loyal-to-Hudson sailors adrift on a small, open boat in the middle of present-day Hudson Bay, on 1611. Hudson and the other cast-offs were never seen or heard from again.henry hudson

10. Amelia Earheart Mystery

Although there are numerous theories, no one can be certain what really happened when Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, while en route to Howland Island in a Lockheed Electra 10E, a disappearance that resulted in the most intensive — and expensive — search effort in American history up to that time. It’s commonly believed that the Electra ran out of fuel and Earhart, who was declared dead in absentia in 1939, ditched the plane into the Pacific near Howland Island – the “crash and sink theory” — although there’s been no shortage of wild myths and legends surrounding Earhart’s disappearance. In 2012, researchers embarked on a $2.2 million expedition to prove that Earhart crashed her plane on the tiny island of Nikumaoro.

There are many theories about her disappearance, the most obvious of which is crashing at sea (albeit due to mysterious causes). The others theories include capture by the Japanese military and landing on an island to eventually die without ever being located.amelia

11. Ambrose Bierce Mystery

Ambrose Bierce was a moderately successful journalist, editor and writer who became known for his satirical book, The Devil’s Dictionary. Amidst the Mexican revolution in 1913, Bierce travelled by horseback across the Rio Grande. It was there he completely vanished, leaving the world mystified. Although it’s likely Bierce was somehow taken or killed among the violence of the revolution, there is no evidence to suggest that this is what occurred. However, Bierce was known for his brooding and depressing literature:  Suicide cannot necessarily be ruled out. In his last letter, he wrote: “Good-bye. If you hear of my being stood up against a Mexican stone wall and shot to rags, please know that I think it is a pretty good way to depart this life.”ambrose

12. Maura Murray Mystery

One day in 2004, college student Maura Murray lied and told her professors that she had a death in the family. She got in her car and left the college campus. She crashed her car somewhere in New Hampshire. When emergency officials arrived at the scene, Murray was nowhere to be found. She had completely disappeared without a trace. A neighbor close by who saw the crash asked Murray if they should call the police. Even though she said no, the neighbor called anyway. When the police arrived, Murray was already gone. The neighbor was the last person to ever see or speak to Murray. There is no evidence to suggest criminal activity like kidnapping or murder.maura murray

13. April Fabb Mystery

April Fabb was 13-years old when she completely vanished while bicycling close to her home in Cromer, United Kingdom, in 1969. Nobody has been named since then as responsible for her disappearance. Investigators were unable to find any compelling evidence that would suggest she was kidnapped, and nothing about Fabb herself suggested she would run away. Ex Detective Chief Supt Morson said that it was a “complete mystery how a girl can disappear in a few minutes on a open country road.” Eerily, April’s birthday and the month of her mother’s death were all in April. April would be 58 years old if she were here today.april fabb

14. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Mystery

In early 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, vanished from radar while flying over Vietnamese airspace. Malaysia Airlines officials said that the Boeing 777 sent no distress signals and no wreckage could be found. All contact with the plane was lost. The plane, along with everyone board, simply disappeared. Extensive searches from multiple nations have turned up nothing since contact was lost. Possible explanations for the disappearance include terrorist attacks orchestrated by passengers or crew, but nothing has been confirmed. The missing flight is still a mystery.mh370

15. The Fort Worth Three Mystery

1974, three girls all under 18 years of age went shopping in Fort Worth, Texas. None of them returned home despite the fact they’d finished shopping and their locked car was loaded with presents. The next day a letter arrived to one of the girl’s families – that they’d taken off to Houston and would be back in a week. Yet they still never turned up again. It’s been speculated that the girls hadn’t actually written the letter, and that a mysterious van had picked them up at Fort Worth – but this was never confirmed.fort worth three

16. Owen Parfitt Mystery

1763, Shepton Mallet, England. Owen had been paralysed from a stroke, and one night he was sitting at the front of his sister’s house viewing some workers across the road. Later that night, Owen’s sister turned up to move him back into the house, but he was gone. Vanished – nothing but his coat remained. Investigations were carried out but nobody could explain how this immobilised man managed to disappear into the night in full view of some workers.owen parfitt

17. The Jamison Family Mystery

2009, a recent one. Bobby Jamison, his wife and 6-year-old daughter vanished on a road in the rural area of Oklahoma. The story goes, they left their truck to look at some plot of land but never returned. The dog in the truck was found almost dead of malnutrition, along with the family’s coats and $32,000 lying under the seat. Prior to this event, the Jamison’s had reported seeing ghosts in their house, and speculation included whether they’d gone off to commit murder suicide, but nothing was ever confirmed. They’re still missing to this day.jason family

18. Tara Calico Mystery

On September 28, 1988, a 19-year old girl named Tara Calico left her home in Belen, New Mexico to go bike riding on Highway 47. Neither Tara nor her bicycle were seen again. Her case went cold until June 15, 1989 when a woman found a Polaroid in a parking spot outside a convenience store in Port St. Joe, Florida. A white van had previously been parked in the spot, and the photo featured a teenage girl and young boy were both bound and gagged in the back of a van. The photo was remained a mystery till now.calico-photo

19. Annette Sagers Mystery

On November 21, 1987, Korrina Lynne Sagers Malinoski, a 26-year old woman from Mount Holly, South Carolina, mysteriously disappeared when she did not show up for work and her car was found parked in front of the Mount Holly Plantation. But that’s not even the most bizarre aspect of this story. On October 4, 1988, Korrina’s 8-year old daughter, Annette Sagers, was on her way to school and went to the bus stop in front of the Mount Holly Plantation… and she mysteriously vanished as well!

To make things even stranger, a note was found at the bus stop which read: “Dad, momma come back. Give the boys a hug”. While it looked like it may have been written under duress, handwriting experts determined that Annette likely wrote the note. It’s been speculated that Annette’s mother may have returned to reclaim her daughter so they could disappear together, but she also left two sons behind and no one in their family has heard from either of them in 25 years. In 2000, an anonymous caller claimed that Annette’s body was buried in Sumter County, but that lead never panned out. Overall, this is a truly baffling mystery with no discernible solution.annette

20. The Beaumont Children Mystery

On a bright summer day in 1961, three children vanished without a trace from a south Australian beach. Nearly 50 years later, their fate remains a mystery.

It was Australia Day, January 26, 1966, and scorching hot in Adelaide. The Beaumont children were en route to the beach for a day’s swim. Jane, the oldest at age 9, was responsible for her younger siblings, Arnna, age 7, and Grant, age 4. The siblings had boarded a public bus at 10 a.m. for a five-minute ride to the beach—a trip they completed only yesterday. Their mother Nancy spent the morning with her friend, while her husband Jim was at work. Nancy told her children to return home by 2 p.m. for lunch.

When the scheduled bus arrived without them, Nancy assumed her children simply missed their ride. But when the next bus arrived and the children were nowhere to be seen, the mother grew concerned. She called the police soon thereafter. The following day, the Beaumont children were officially declared missing.BeaumontChildren

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