11-Summer Side Jobs to Boost Your Income

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Summer is the perfect time to pick up a side hustle to increase your income. The options abound, with some lending themselves more easily to summer than winter, thereby increasing your earning potential right now. If you’re looking for summer side jobs to boost your income this summer, consider these entertaining options.

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11. Pool Cleaning

Many homes have outdoor swimming pools paired with owners who simply don’t have the time to give them the cleaning they need on a regular basis. Although you’ll need a bit of equipment initially, you’ll earn back the investment quickly if you can win the business of a few neighborhoods where pool ownership is high.

If you live in a southern state, finding neighborhoods with heavy pool use shouldn’t be a problem, but if you reside in a northern state, consider focusing on higher-income neighborhoods for a higher pool-per-capita count.

10. Dog Walking

It’s much more fun to run a dog-walking business when it’s nice out. If you enjoy dogs, consider distributing flyers in your neighborhood to gather dog-walking clients to fill up the less-busy times of your week.

09. Nanny

School’s out for summer, meaning many families are in need of nanny services for one or more children. Sites like Care.com and Sittercity.com can help you sign up to find a nanny job in your area.

(Source: pixabay)

(Source: pixabay)

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08. Mobile Car Washing

Get a bucket, vacuum cleaner, some quality rags and cleaning supplies and you’ll be in business. Distribute flyers offering your traveling service. The fact that car owners can relax in the comfort of their own home while you do the tough work of cleaning their vehicles will make your business proposition highly attractive. Plus, you’ll save money by using your clients’ water and electricity. Increase business by offering a set schedule in which you come to clients’ homes weekly or bi-weekly. That way, their vehicles stay looking pristine, and you’ll have consistent income.

07. Tutoring

Many parents purchase tutoring services during the summer, when their child’s school schedule won’t interfere. If you have a gift for working with children and are great at math, reading or other school subjects, consider advertising your tutoring services on local websites or with flyers at local businesses where families hang out.

06. Lawn Care

(Source: pixabay)

(Source: pixabay)

If you like working outside, consider starting a business doing basic lawn maintenance (think grass cutting and bush trimming). This is another job where you can schedule clients repeatedly on a week-to-week basis and fill up your summer free time (and your bank account) quickly.

05. Golf Caddy

Golf courses everywhere are hiring caddies to cater to the increase in summer clients. If you know the game of golf well, consider applying at local golf courses to caddy for the summer. The pay is generally good and tips are often given by happy customers.

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04. Window Washing

If you have the skills and can get the supplies, working as a residential window washer might be for you. The clientele is endless. Just remember that as a window cleaner you may need to be licensed and/or insured, depending which state you reside in.

03. House Painting

Summer is also the perfect season for painting houses – both inside and out. If you like to paint and have a knack for being detail-oriented, this summer gig can allow you to rake in big bucks. If you choose house painting for your summer side hustle, it might be wise to partner with an equally responsible friend to complete jobs faster, thus enabling you to schedule more clients.

02. Summer Workshops for Kids

Parents are on the lookout for activities to keep their kids entertained, so you’ve got a world of workshop ideas open to you. Arts and craft workshops, physical education workshops, second-language workshops; the ideas are endless. If you enjoy working with kids and have the space to entertain small groups, consider hosting summer workshops for the kids in your area.

01. Workout Club

(Source: pixabay)

(Source: pixabay)

Hiking, biking and running clubs are all very popular during the summer months. If you have a particular sport you love and are good at, and if you know of great areas around town that allow you to participate in that sport, consider starting a club. Advertise on Craigslist or at local gyms to gain clients; set up specific dates and times where everyone meets together to run, hike or bike as a group. Charge each participant a small fee per gathering and you’ve got yourself a fun and healthy part-time job.

Seize the long summer days by turning something you love into a profitable business that will both help others and increase your bank account balance along the way. (Source: US News)

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