German Secret Code Machine – Lorenz Chipher, Found

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German secret code machine for communication between generals nd Adolf Hitler during WW2 was found in a shed in Essex.

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It was advertised in Ebay for only £9.50 or $14.63 as a telegram machine. The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park quickly tracked the location of the machine.

The machine is called Lorenz Chipher Machine. Hitler always used this machine to message all his generals, encrypted by a linked cipher machine, using 12 individual wheels with multiple settings on each, to make up the code.

This is one of the machine have not cracked yet. Bigger than Enigma. There is one piece is missing, the electric motor in black casing with two shafts on each side, which drive the gears of the Lorenz machine. Now The Museum had asked people to look for that.

We hope the Museum can cracked the code after find the motor. Share your opinion.

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